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At Bitterroot Cannabis Company we want you to Recreate the Montana Way! 

Bitterroot Cannabis Company (BCC) has been growing, processing, and providing cannabis and cannabis products for customers since July 1st of 2014 fully complying with Montana State Law. 


The cultivation of BCC is dialed down to a science that offers quality cannabis with a variety of potent terpenes with dense trichome production that makes for an enjoyable get out there and feel good effect.


We here at BCC are knowledgable about all forms cannabis consumption and can help you choose the right form and strain to fit your exact needs at pocket friendly prices.

BCC can guide you through the entire process of the new Medical Marijuana Program and the new Recreational Cannabis Program. 

We can prequalify you for the Medical Marijuana Program and can connect you to doctors across the state of Montana.

We can help you obtain your medical records if you need assistance.

We offer you our Cannabis Provider services at our dispensary if you are in need of a provider. With over 20 years of combined experience we know how to treat you with the care you need.

Your privacy is always protected and our facilities are always clean and professional. 



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